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Dental Implants vs Dentures

Dental implants and dentures are useful treatment options dentists utilize to help patients who have lost some teeth. If your teeth need restorative treatment, this comparison of implants vs dentures will help you understand your options, and direct you toward the best treatment for you.


What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a permanent single replacement for a lost tooth. It consists of a stainless steel post that is attached to the jawbone. A tooth-identical crown is then attached to the post, so it mimics the missing tooth perfectly.

Pros of Dental Implants

  • A permanent, long-lasting solution to tooth loss

  • They look and feel identical to your natural teeth

  • Resistant to tooth decay

  • Can be used to replace an individual or multiple teeth

  • Easy to maintain since aftercare is the same as caring for your natural teeth

Cons of Dental Implants

  • The procedure of getting dental implants is fairly invasive and will require recovery time

  • The entire process from beginning to end can take a few months

  • Relatively expensive compared to dentures

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. While you may have seen them as part of a gig in an old cartoon or comedy, today’s modern dentures are custom-made to fit perfectly. They are undetectable and they don’t fall out easily, with both complete and partial denture options.

Pros of Dentures

  • Easy way of replacing multiple lost teeth

  • Both full and partial dentures are available depending on how many teeth are missing

  • Easy to remove throughout the day as necessary

  • Great alternative to implants if your jawbones are too weak

  • Fairly affordable compared to other restorative treatments

  • Getting dentures is a much less invasive procedure

Cons of Dentures

  • Must be removed at night

  • They require a fairly high level of maintenance and cleaning

  • Improperly fitted dentures can cause issues like infection or tooth decay

What to Consider When Choosing Dental Implants vs Dentures

When deciding between implants vs dentures, these are the questions you and your dentist will have to consider.

How many teeth are you missing?

An individual tooth is best replaced with an implant, while multiple missing teeth can be addressed with implants, dentures, or bridges.

What is the condition of your jaw?

Since implants are attached to the jawbone, your bone density is an important consideration. In some cases, dentures might be your only option.

Do you need a permanent solution?

Missing a tooth or multiple teeth can be quite bothersome, so many of our patients prefer the permanency of implants.

What kind of aftercare routine are you ready to follow?

Both dentures and implants must be cleaned regularly, but dentures demand more, including overnight soaking.

Implants and Dentures at Sparr Heights Smiles

We hope that understanding the pros and cons of dental implants vs dentures will help guide you towards the best option for you. Deciding how to replace your lost teeth requires multiple considerations, and we’d like to help you make the best decision.

At Sparr Heights Smiles, we have the restorative dentistry expertise needed to give you the best advice. Our approach guarantees you’ll receive caring service that puts your personal goals first. Contact us and we’ll get in touch with you right away to discuss your options.

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