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Regular Exams And Cleanings


Regular Exams And Cleanings

Get Your Regular Dental Examination from Expert Family Dentist in La Cañada

Routine dental examination and cleaning are necessary to maintain oral health. During the dental examination, our professional Hygienists in La Cañada do the following:

  • Perform your complete oral and dental checkup to identify any problem

  • Look for signs of tooth decay or cavities

  • Thoroughly examine your gums and teeth for any signs of periodontal disease or gingivitis

  • Deep clean your teeth

Dental Examination Duration

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Our regular examination appointment takes approximately 45 minutes. We ensure that our Hygienist in La Crescenta performs thorough and deep teeth cleaning. It is advisable to visit our dental practice every six months for regular oral examination and teeth cleaning. This keeps your teeth and gums healthy and helps identify any oral or dental issue before it becomes serious. 

Call us today to schedule your regular examination appointment with our Family Dentist in La Cañada!

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