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What Sets Us Apart

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Dr. Roger Anderson and our team know the best dental experiences, strongest results, happiest patients, and most wonderful smiles happen with personalized care.

Ours is a private practice, where we’re able to customize every visit to you. We’re experienced professionals who thrive on the friendships we build with those who come to us for care.


We’ll always listen to and respect your concerns, support you as you achieve your oral health goals, and provide a place where you can relax, knowing you’re in compassionate hands.


We promise you’ll never feel like a set of teeth in an exam chair or an anonymous number on a chart. For Dr. Anderson and our team members, the best part of dentistry is the bonds that form with people in our care.


We treasure you as a person, first and foremost, and provide a welcoming, safe environment where you know you’re the top priority.

You’ll always be greeted by name when you arrive and we’ll remember our last conversation, too.


We pay attention to what’s important to you, what’s happening in your life, and learn who you are as a person. Your visits are a time for us to catch up on your latest news, share a few stories, and strengthen our connection.


Together, Dr. Anderson and our team are committed to providing the highest quality of dental and personal care. We want you to smile when you think of us!

  • Communication is core to the care we provide. We promise always to be transparent, listen without judgment, and respect your situation. Please talk with us about your desires and any concerns you have. It’s only by knowing what you need that we’re able to provide the exceptional care you deserve.

  • Comfortable dental care is not only possible; it’s all we provide! Our practice delivers painless visits. We’re patient and allow you to set the pace. Dr. Anderson and our clinical team have truly gentle hands. You’ll never feel discomfort during a treatment; instead, you’ll feel pampered with warm blankets, music of your choice, and a wide selection of videos.

  • Caring for your smile should be stress-free! We believe that dentistry should be part of your overall healthcare plan and should be convenient, not a source of stress. We do our best to schedule visits around your busy life, offer a range of payment options customized to your budget, and provide after-hours emergency care, too.


You and your loved ones are important to us; we can’t wait to meet and start getting to know you. It will be our honor to help you achieve a lifetime of confidently beautiful smiles!

Contact our Glendale, CA dental office to schedule a complimentary consultation or second opinion today!

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